Biden Makes Covid Vaccine Mandatory For Nursing Homes

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MD- the Biden administration has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all nursing home staff in order for them to receive US federal funding.

On Wednesday President Joed Biden made an announcement regarding Covid-19 vaccination in nursing homes. He said in order for these nursing homes to continue receiving Medicaid and federal Medicare funds they would have to ensure that the entirety of their staff is vaccinated against Covid-19.

Biden’s announcement was part of many other decisions on Wednesday to introduce mandates to encourage vaccination in the country.

Biden Makes Covid Vaccine Mandatory For Nursing Homes

Biden believes that his new rule will protect both patients, families of patients as well as then nursing home staff from contracting Covid-19. This new mandate for nursing home funding is expected o go into effect as early as next month.

Biden Makes Covid Vaccine Mandatory For Nursing Homes

According to the data available with the federal government hundreds of nursing home staff all over the country are not yet vaccinated. But this is very surprising considering the fact that these nursing homes faced the worst of Covid-19 outbreaks. The nursing home staff were also part of the frontline healthcare works and were some of the first people in the country to be eligible for vaccinations.

At first Biden’s plan had been to provide incentives for people to get vaccinated. Now the policy has been changed and unvaccinated people will now have to spend more money in order to push them to get vaccinated.

In the last few weeks many federal workers have been pushed to officially declare their vaccination status. Those who do not may face many severe repercussions. Vaccinate mandates have been made very strict for healthcare workers. In the coming weeks vaccine mandates are also expected to be introduced in the military.

Biden is also encouraging local authorities to introduce local vaccination mandates. Mandates are being encouraged for indoor dining.

Experts believe that the vaccine mandates are paying off and already vaccination rates all over the country have doubled in the last month. At present 200 million US citizens have received at least the first dose of their vaccine. But Biden claims there are still 80 million Americans who are eligible for the vaccine, but have not yet taken it.

Biden is very keen on vaccination mandates for healthcare workers. He believes that without such a mandate, the nursing homes may at any time face a sudden workforce crisis and become unable to continue treating their patients.

Last year, in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was much stronger, the CMS had introduced similar mandates to keep extra visitors out of nursing homes. The move had been successful to curb the spread of infections from nursing homes.

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Covid-19 is a very infectious disease and a single case of infection can quickly spread to hundreds and thousands of people. In such a situation vaccination is becoming the only viable method to control this disease. Many Americans are keen to get vaccinated and have enthusiastically participated in vaccination drives.

But an element of vaccination hesitancy has still been noticed in substantial sections of the population. The Bide administration is hoping that mandates will be effective in pushing people to overcome their hesitation and get vaccinated for their own good as well as for the greater good of the community.

When faced with monetary losses and potential job loss, many more Americans are getting vaccinated as has been visible in the vaccination trend for the last month. If vaccinations continue at this rate USA might soon be able to achieve herd immunity and control the spread of this deadly disease in the country. Only if all Americans work together to encourage vaccinations and follow Covid-19 regulation will this disease be controlled. Covid-19 vaccination is the only way to save innocent lives being lost to the disease.

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