Cardio Clear 7 Reviews: What I Learned From A Month Of Using It

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Hey, there I hope you are doing great, and welcome to our blog. So before we start I want to tell you about my personal experiences with Cardio Clear 7 Supplement and after reading this (don’t worry it will take your 8 minutes only) you will surely be able to have an idea about Cardio Clear 7.

Cardio Clear 7 is a daily heart health supplement that reduces the risk of clotting, heart attack, and stroke by supporting the cardiovascular system. The formula only includes a few potent all-natural ingredients, and it is safe to take every day.

What is Cardio Clear 7?

Cardio Clear 7 Reviews
Cardio Clear 7 Reviews

This supplement’s entire mission is to support the cardiovascular system and promote a healthy heart. While you might be familiar with this beverage product, a much higher-quality version was released in 2017 with “no artificial additives, no fillers, no preservatives, and no GMO”. You can read my review of that product right here, as it was an impressive supplement and stood up to some very serious scrutiny. I felt that if you are serious about optimizing your cardiovascular health, and want something you can take every day, you should look no further.

Cardio Clear 7’s ingredients come from the Organic Pharmacy, as well as Nature’s Plus and Supreme Pharma. These companies are independently licensed to manufacture these products in the United States of America.

You can visit its official website by clicking here.

How to take Cardio Clear 7

Each dose of Cardio Clear 7 contains 100mg of calcium gluconate, 300mg of folic acid, and 500mg of an amino acid called L-theanine, along with the nootropic Brain Morphine. I get my daily Cardio Clear 7 from my local health food store, and it is available in both natural and organic varieties. I personally prefer the organic version.

How Cardio Clear 7 Works?

We all know how important vitamin C is when it comes to protecting our skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Cardio Clear 7 works the same way, except it also works the same way as folic acid to keep our blood levels of vitamin C up.

To get the most of Cardio Clear 7, take it at the same time each morning on an empty stomach. This will ensure maximum absorption of all the nutrients, which are measured in micrograms (mcg).

What effects do Cardio Clear 7 have on the body?

Cardio Clear 7 promotes overall cardiovascular health by regulating electrolytes and blood circulation. It also supports the vasculature and causes the muscles and circulation to work together better. The ingredients in the supplement are activated when taken together.

The supplement can help you prevent cardiovascular diseases because it encourages a healthy circulatory system. Taking this supplement is a good idea for all those who are in the average risk category for heart attacks.

However, Cardio Clear 7 has not been scientifically proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve the function of the cardiovascular system. The supplement is available over-the-counter in retail pharmacies and can be purchased without a prescription.

Cardio Clear 7 reduces the risk of clotting

The main ingredient in the product is N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a natural substance produced by the body to aid in the production of new blood cells and the repair of old ones. It helps prevent platelets from sticking together, which will lead to clots, blood clots, or a blood clotting event in the future. However, it is important to note that not everyone is able to use NAC, and if you have liver problems or a family history of stroke, you should avoid the supplement. Cardio Clear 7 has several other ingredients like omega-3, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, all of which reduce the chances of a blood clot forming or the risk of an adverse cardiovascular event occurring.

Cardio Clear 7 helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

A healthy heart requires a healthy digestive system. Studies show that when cholesterol levels are low, it can lead to inflammation and disease of the cardiovascular system.

When cholesterol is kept at a low level, it causes it to clump up in the arteries, which can block the arteries. Cholesterol can also spread into the bloodstream, and cause a stroke. The large LDL particles in the blood could increase, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

Since I have high cholesterol and an important test coming up, I was looking for a natural supplement that would help lower it. I have been using the original Cardio Clear for years, and so I decided to try the new one.

I took Cardio Clear 7 three times a day, for thirty days, and I have been enjoying the benefits ever since.

What are the ingredients in Cardio Clear 7?

Cardio Clear 7 was developed by the national health care company, UnitedHealthcare. The key ingredients used in the supplement include green tea extract, vitamin C, and stem cell treatment.

The Cardio Clear 7 Capsule comprises the proven extracts which could naturally support heart health. This composition is called a CSP compound which includes the mixture of 3 efficient extracts.

C- CoQ10: It has antioxidants that prevent the LDL from rusting than Vitamin E secreted in every cell of your body. 

S- shilajit: This helps you improve your energy level, mental clarity, and heart health. This plant material oozes from the mountain and has 85 different materials that your body requires. It can multiply the effects of the CoQ10 for strengthening your heart.

P- pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ): CoQ10 helps to upscale the amount of energy in mitochondria production, and Shilajit supports it. But PQQ stimulates new mitochondria’ growth and keeps your LDL cholesterol from rusting that turns into life-stealing plaque. You can also find it in parsley, green peppers, kiwi, and tofu.

Together, they are added in the right proportion to improve cellular energy and stabilize the heart pumping process.

How does Cardio Clear 7 reduce the risk of heart disease?

According to the makers of Cardio Clear 7, by supporting the cardiovascular system and stimulating blood flow, the supplement helps improve blood circulation and removes blockages, all leading to the prevention of heart disease.

By just taking a daily dose of the supplement, you can lower your risk of heart disease by more than 25 percent.

How do you take Cardio Clear 7?

On average, a person needs to take two capsules of Cardio Clear 7, three times per day.

Benefits of using Cardio Clear 7 supplement:

  • The supplement gives you better heart health.
  • It prevents heart failure.
  • Controls cholesterol levels.
  • The supplement avoids suffocation in arteries.
  • It makes you feel better.
  • The Cardio Clear 7 pills support you with better sleep and higher energy levels.
  • You can improve your health.
  • It prevents stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • 100% natural, safe and effective.
  • You can get rid of breathing problems.
  • Backed by 365 days money back policy.


  • The Cardio Clear 7 supplement is available only through the official site and not in any stores or offline.
  • If you are already under medication, then you must consult the doctor before using this supplement.

How can I purchase Cardio Clear 7?

Only with a visit to the official website can Cardio Clear 7 be purchased from customers. The inventory continues to be available, thus three different packages are available, each with a different amount of bottles.

Users who choose to stock up will get the best discounts on their order, allowing them to choose from:

Click here to visit its official website to buy.

If the user doesn’t improve their heart health, they have up to a year to request a refund for their purchase. To get ahold of customer service, users can submit a support ticket by filling out the form at

  • Email Support:

Refund Policy Of Cardio Clear 7

The product is scientifically backed and the creator behind this supplement is more confident about the results of the product. You can try using the supplement for 365 Days. If you think you are not satisfied with the results, even if the bottles are empty you can claim for a refund. The creator offers a 100% money-back policy without any questions asked. You can get your refund within few hours.

Final Words : Cardio Clear 7 reviews

Cardio Clear 7 provides powerful benefits to your cardiovascular system, and it is not a meal replacement plan. It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or any synthetic components that can disrupt your metabolism. Instead, it provides natural benefits that help to lower your cholesterol, enhance heart function, and reduce heart disease risk.

A quick glance at the ingredient list shows only a few natural ingredients including cilantro, cumin, lemons, blackberries, chamomile tea, chrysanthemum tea, beets, green tea, and others. These ingredients have been researched for years, and the scientific research that backs up these ingredients makes them incredibly beneficial.

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