Corona Pandemic Remains Same, But This Time Different For Children

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Children are preparing for yet another pandemic school season. But the situation appears tougher this time. The more virulent Delta variant is putting their life at risk.  Staying safe is going to be a daunting task.

Last year, students hoped the next season will be better. But it is getting riskier, health officials warn.

The country is slowly trying to get back to normal as restaurants are now opening up to receive more people. large events started being organized and people are now saying bye to face covers. The Delta variant still remains the same, with the ability to spread like chickenpox. And the group the most at risk this time is children.

COVID 19 Pandemic Remains The Same, But This Time Different For Children

A vast majority of parents were reluctant to send their children to school last year. This year, however, the situation is getting worse for them. As people come out in large numbers, the unvaccinated among them pose great risks. They are spreading the virus.

COVID 19 Pandemic Remains The Same, But This Time Different For Children

Improving ventilation and wearing masks minimizes the risk of getting infected with COVID 19. But the only way to make the environment safest for children is adult vaccination. More and more people need to get inoculated. They have to see to it that they don’t become spreaders of the disease.

The Delta variant continues to surge. And this time, it is causing an exponential increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations among children.

The country experienced a decline in infections during the initial days of summer. Afterward, hospitals began reporting a surge of infections among children. They began organizing meetings.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center warned that his hospital’s ICU will experience space constraints within a few days. As per reports, his hospital is one among dozens of such healthcare centers.

Hospitals, this season, are not only expecting a surge in COVID 19 but also flu and similar other illnesses. Some among them have already started treating people with the respiratory syncytial virus. The country did not see such surges last year because people stayed mostly at home at the time.

COVID 19 along with other lung infections has created a situation the country has never experienced this time. And it is causing too much strain for the 220 hospitals operating under the Children’s Hospital Association. Its chief recently wrote to President Biden and requested assistance. The hospitals may run out of space and experience a shortage of staff to care for patients within no time.

The Delta variant is bad in itself. But it is not the only factor that is contributing to the current surge of infections among kids. Health experts view it as the fallout of the surge of the same among adults.

As per research done by CDC, the number of infections among children and adolescents was ten times higher than the same in July. The number of new infections increases among them because it is rising in the country as a whole.

Health officials also observed a danger. Symptoms of COVID 19 take time to appear, thus it may be difficult to determine if they got it from school or from their own families.

Children under 12 are not yet eligible for vaccination. The only way we can protect our children is for the adults to get. And it will be the same at least till fall.

Research shows that infections among children are low in communities with a high rate of vaccination. The trajectory is easy to understand. When there is no amount of virus circulating, children stay safe from infections.

People, including those fully vaccinated, should wear masks indoors in areas where the rate of transmission is high.

Parents need to inquire their children about any discomfort they may be experiencing. If they are ill, don’t send them to school.

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