COVID 19 Patients Occupy All Beds, Hospitals In The South Ring

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Susan Walker is desperately contacting all out-of-the-State hospitals for her husband. He did not get his shot against COVID 19 and is now in a medically-induced coma. He now requires ventilator support and is waiting for the ECMO treatment. It is not available in the hospital he is admitted to. Coronavirus patients have taken up all such beds.

ECMO is a treatment that uses an external machine that does the job of a heart and lung for an assigned period of time. It is in use for severely ill COVID 19 patients. That includes even young adults.

Susan searched all hospitals in Florida, from the South to the North. She now knows one thing for sure. Transferring him to another hospital in Florida is almost impossible.

COVID 19 Patients Occupy All Beds, Hospitals In The South Ring The Alarm Bell

The entire nation is in a desperate bid to protect its people from the highly contagious Delta variant. The situation, however, is worrisome in the certain Southern States.

Last week, Louisiana set a new record in the number of Coronavirus-related hospitalizations.

COVID 19 Patients Occupy All Beds, Hospitals In The South Ring The Alarm Bell

A recent survey of FHA (Florida Hospital Association) revealed that hospitalizations in Florida showed an increase of 13% than its previous peak of July 2020. The organization expects almost all hospitals in the Southern States to face a critical shortage of beds and staff by the end of this week.

Another hospital in Houston has the same story to share, they have no more beds remaining and its emergency department is now filled with patients waiting to get an ICU bed. The hospital lost more patients within 12 hours than what it lost in a time span of 36-42 days.

According to CDC, the country has fully vaccinated 51% of its eligible population. The same is 35.2% in Mississippi. Alabama stands at the bottom end of the ladder with a 34.8% fully vaccinated population. It is now the only place where the rate of full protection is below 35%.

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The weekly average of vaccines doses being administered in the country every day at present is 706,323. An average of 449,000 people takes their first dose each day.

Even in this scenario, health professionals expect more COVID 19 hospitalizations and deaths in the country.
In recent days, the average number of new Coronavirus infections here is more than 100000. This is the highest in a time span of six months, data reveals. Doctors are now preparing for the worst repetition of the scenario of 2020. It is going to be pretty bad, they warn. They are also slightly annoyed. According to them, they could foresee this. They had warned and appealed to the people to get vaccinated. They refused. Almost all those who are hospitalized or die from COVID 19 are those who hadn’t received their shots. They also warn against the assumption that those who recovered from Coronavirus infections don’t need the vaccine. Vaccines add up to the safety natural immunity offers. As per a new study, those who had a Coronavirus infection and are not fully vaccinated have twice the risk than those who are fully vaccinated of a re-infection.

Even if you have recovered from COVID 19, get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. There is not something minimum or maximum waiting period between your infection and vaccination. It now is of utmost importance when the Delta variant is causing havoc in the country. According to CDC, the Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox. It implies that each infected person transmits it to nine or ten others.

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