Eight States Contain 50% COVID 19 Cases Of The Entire Country

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Health experts in the US are racing against the clock to curb the surge of COVID 19. They are striving to vaccinate as many people as possible. They also exhort everyone to wear masks irrespective of their vaccination status.

In the meantime, eight States are grappling with the ever-increasing number of hospitalizations therein. The rate of vaccination is far below in these States. The numbers of hospitalizations are on the rise here. They come up to 16% of their total hospitalizations. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Texas are the States that suffer most because of the pandemic.

Eight States Contain 50% COVID 19 Cases Of The Entire Country

These States combined have only 24% of the country’s population. But the hospitalizations here come up to 51% of the same all over the nation.

Last week, the number of new Coronavirus infections increased to such an extent that it combined all the low-infected US states in the matter. Texas and Florida alone comprise 40% of all hospitalizations in the country as a whole.

Last week, Florida Health Department reported 151,415 new Coronavirus cases in the State. This is the record of a seven-day average during the pandemic.

Eight States Contain 50% COVID 19 Cases Of The Entire Country

In the backdrop of this threat, Florida is the latest state to report that more than half of its population is fully vaccinated.

The number of Coronavirus in ICU is showing a dramatic rise. As of Thursday, States like Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi reported that COVID 19 patients are occupying half of their ICU beds. This Friday, Mississippi reported 5,023 new cases.

This is yet again a record of daily infections for the State, officials said. Among all the new cases, 98% come from unvaccinated people.

Florida Governor said that the State is facing an acute shortage of healthcare workers. It lost more than 2000 healthcare workers the previous year. He also said that they have put out calls for out-of-the-State professionals for help.

Authorities are requesting residents avoid calling ambulances for non-essential services. They should also avoid using them to go to Coronavirus testing sites.

First responders all over the country are feeling the heat of the new surge of the Delta variant. In some States, August is the busiest month in their history. Certain hospitals are refusing to accommodate transfer requests. Some of them have already announced that their ICU beds are fully occupied. According to a doctor, last week was the busiest and the most desperate time in his career.

Texas says that it is experiencing a shortage of pediatric ICU beds. This is the result of the shortage of staff. Hospitals are licensed to use only a specific number of beds. They try to use fewer beds than they are allowed to use. At present, when the numbers surge, they don’t have enough staff to use the beds they can use.

States are announcing the deployment of healthcare professionals to take care of the situation. Some among them are even asking National Guard members to assist healthcare professionals in caring for COVID 19 patients.

This may be the worst summer the country may have seen, authorities say. More than 2.5 million people are vaccinated in Oregon. Still, they are forced to stay indoors and wear masks. This happened because of the Delta variant. It changed all their plans.

In the meanwhile, FDA, on Thursday, authorized the use of a third dose for immuno-compromised persons. CDC’s voting here was unanimous. And its director recommended it. It implies that immuno-compromised people can get a booster shot from now.

As per health professionals, 32% of the breakthrough infections happen among immuno-compromised people who form only 2.7% of the country’s population. But they are vulnerable and need protection, they said.

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