Fully Vaccinated And Infected with COVID 19? Here Is Help

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As a fully vaccinated person, I know one thing for sure. Vaccines offer maximum protection against COVID 19. They prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death. But breakthrough infections happen. The exact number of such instances still remains unknown. CDC does not keep a national record for the same. As per the records available with 25 States, the numbers come only up to below 1%.

Fully Vaccinated And Infected with COVID 19? Here Is Help

A vast majority of people are concerned about the situation. Here are some of such common questions and answers for them:

Fully Vaccinated And Infected with COVID 19? Here Is Help
  1. What if one person gets a breakthrough infection? Should he stay in quarantine? What if he is symptomatic?

If you get a breakthrough infection, you should stay in quarantine for the recommended time period. The assumption is that you are capable of spreading the virus to others. You should stay in isolation for ten days.

  • If someone gets a breakthrough infection, should his family members get tested?

Yes. If you get a breakthrough infection, all your close contacts should be tested. This will be done as per the CDC’s guidelines in the matter. Your healthcare professional will guide you accordingly. If anyone turns out positive, he should follow all guidelines in place for 10 days. Those asymptomatic don’t have to stay in quarantine.

  • Can a vaccinated person exposed to COVID 19 go to work?

Yes. If you are fully vaccinated and are asymptomatic, you can safely go to work. This may also depend on your comfort. Would you sit along with someone whose wife had a recent infection? Take a decision based on your answer to this question. See to it that you get tested within five days after being exposed. And don’t forget that precious face cover.

  • Can you mention the symptoms of a breakthrough infection?

Vaccination reduces the severity of the symptoms of COVID 19. For instance, an unvaccinated person will have tough time breathing if infected with Coronavirus. The same may be milder for those vaccinated. Thus even one symptom deserves attention. Remain alert to the indications like body aches, headache, sore throat, etc. If you feel that things are not that right, be tested for COVID 19.

  • If I discover that I am COVID 19 positive, should I inform my boss?

You should discuss the situation with your team leader. The person will guide you to the right person to do what is required. You should also consider the activities you did and act as per the recommendations you receive.

  • Should I get tested before I get back to work?

That is not required. If you are asymptomatic, you don’t need to worry about it. Even if you have symptoms and if they improve, you don’t need to get tested.

  • Do I need a booster dose for added protection against the virus?

You may need it. FDA and CDC have already given nodes for administering booster shots to immuno-compromised people. White House also announced that by September, it will give the final node for a booster shot for everyone after eight months of receiving the second dose of a vaccine. Your healthcare provider is the most reliable source of information in this regard. Discuss your fears with the professional and follow his advice.

  • Certain people may question the efficacy of vaccines in the instance of a breakthrough infection. What should I tell them?

Vaccines, as mentioned above, reduce the severity of breakthrough infection. They also minimize the possibility of you spreading it to others. An unvaccinated person fails in these two areas.

Get vaccinated at the earliest. Don’t let a breakthrough infection scare you away. The likelihood of such instances is below 1% as per the data available. Getting inoculated is the only way out of this pandemic.

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