This Ex-Assistant Librarian Made $50,000… With Just $10

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Hello, welcome to our blog. My name is Kevin and i want to share my friend story who made 50,000$ with just 10$.

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My friend, Becky Grey, just shared with me how $10 changed the whole course of her life in just one day…

…And how it can do the EXACT same thing for you. (Money Prayers)

No, it has nothing to do with any Ponzi schemes.

And no, it has nothing to do with any multi-level marketing (MLM) gimmicks you see all over the internet.

Before you come to your own conclusion, hear her out… this is her story.

Hi, Becky Grey here.

Before I begin, I want to express my gratitude to Kevin for allowing me to share my story.

I used to work as an assistant-librarian for a couple of years after my graduation.

The thing is, my life wasn’t the way I’d like it to be not because of my job but because of the circumstance I was in.

If your life, up till now, has always felt like it can crumble under the weight of your burdens…

If you feel that you are plagued with the constant fear of not being able to put food on the table for your family…

Not being able to repay your compounding debts…

Trust me, I can totally understand.

You see, at that point of time, at just the tender age of 21  when kids are still fresh from college, preparing to travel the world before settling down as working adults…

I was already the sole breadwinner of my family.


My parents had separated since I was little.

My dad… he had been bed ridden for the past 5 years due to Cardiac arrhythmias.

I hate to admit this but life was hard. REALLY hard.

But this wasn’t the worse part.

As a “fresh-out-of-college” young adult, with little-to-no experience of the real world…

I was prone to making irrational decisions.

And in case you get the wrong message, I am not blaming anyone here — it was my fault.

So, the to continue…

I met an old friend who got me into an investment which not only did not bear any fruit.

But caused me to lose ALMOST my entire life’s savings…

Savings which were meant to fund my emergencies…

My dad’s hospital bills…

My increasing rent.

I didn’t just lose those things, I almost lost my sanity.

Now, do you believe in guardian angels or precession… or universal
alignments (however they call it)?

Mine? I call it Lady Fortuna.

Here’s the thing…

When I was at my wits’ end, ready to end it all…

Someone told me (and passed me) something that altered the trajectory of my life FOREVER. 

I also realised the next day that the miracle I’m about to receive has
ALOT to do with the $10 I gave away — even though I literally only had $100 for myself and my family.

To cut the long story short…

I saw my first cheque of $50,000 come through the mailbox because of another friend this time.

And the best part is, I learned that people who manifest abundance,
wealth and prosperity effortlessly, are usually to a completely
different frequency.

It all starts with understanding how by switching this frequency, like
tuning into a different radio channel, one can actually become immerse in and activate whatever the frequency attracts.

Because a high-level frequency will bring the money to you…

But a low-one will hold it back.

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With Love and Gratitude,

Becky Grey

P.S. If they work for me, they can work for you.

May you will be blessed by these prayers. 

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