Individualogist Review-Unknown Truth Revealed!

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Individualogist Review ā€“
Individualogist Review

Hey, there I hope you are doing great, and welcome to our blog. So before we start I want to tell you about my personal experiences withĀ Individualogist Review and after reading thisĀ (donā€™t worry it will take your 8 minutes only)Ā you will surely be able to have an idea aboutĀ Individualogist Deluxe Archetype Report.

It is a guide that helps you understand your archetype. Everyone wants to know more about themselves like their strengths, the path they should choose, their weaknesses, about past decisions, and definitely about the future. Individualogist helps with all these questions.


Individualogist is a free downloadable guide for self-actualization. It is about identifying your “big goals”, the personality type you are, your driving force, and what you should do to reach it. You can also look up how you stack up to other people and your past.

The product helps to decide which events in your life make you who you are. As you see your personality, you can see what you can improve, change, and do for a better life. “Don’t just think for yourself, think for yourself and others,” said Joseph. “By writing about your dreams, and other important parts of your life, it’s helping you find what makes you happy, and motivating you to go after what you want.

What is the individualogist?

Individualogist helps you discover more about yourself as an individual. With one signup you can access personalized articles from the top experts that will help you improve your life, careers, and business. You will be asked to fill some blanks to learn more about yourself.

An initial name and email are given to you, and then the questionnaire starts. After you fill the questionnaire you will have access to the Individualogist’s library. It contains over 1,500 articles in 30 categories that help you discover what you want in your career. There are blogs on personal finance, best foods, yoga and health, careers, relationships, help with debt and much more.

Here is its official website:

Who should use it?

Individualogists is a great book for both young and old, for men and women. This book, just like other book series of this nature, can benefit anyone who has doubts about their personality. With a personality test based on the shadow characteristics, you will be able to know about the negative side of your personality and avoid negative actions.

How to use the book? Individualogists Deluxe Archetype Report is a book that you need to read, as the information in it is not something you can just put into your pocket. It needs some time and a little effort from you to understand the concepts put forward by the author. Once you read the book thoroughly, try to answer the questions put forth by the author, and you will understand better the path you are taking on your lifeā€™s path.

The benefits of using individualogist to find out your archetype

The benefits of knowing your archetype and what you need to do to attain your desired goals are endless. When you know who you are, what you like, and what you hate, you can do anything that you want. Your life will never be boring and you can find happiness throughout your life. The individualogist is a guide that has made it possible for people to find themselves. When you understand who you are and you are comfortable with your choices, you can take all the steps that you want to take in your life and know that it is going to be a success. The future of individualogist As mentioned earlier, individualogist is here to help you understand who you are, what you want, what you need, and what you want to achieve.

How long does it take for the individualogist to analyze you?

It takes about 2 minutes to complete the form. The results will be sent to your inbox in 15-30 minutes. Does individualogist analyze others as well?

Yes, there is a way to get the results of your individualogist analysis. When should I use an individualogist analysis? An individualogist analysis can be used to confirm or deny your intuition. It can help you make decisions about where you need to develop your career, where to choose a life partner, or where to go for a vacation. What should I prepare for in order to get better results?

How To Identify Someoneā€™s Archetype? 

Individualogist Archetype Test

Before moving on to how to determine someoneā€™s archetype, letā€™s see what are the possible different archetype(s) a person can have. 

There are a total of 12 archetypes, namely:- 

  • The innocent 
  • The hero 
  • The creator 
  • The caregiver 
  • The explorer 
  • The outlaw 
  • The ruler 
  • Safe 
  • The magician 
  • The member 
  • Jester 
  • The lover 

Each archetype is unique and differs from the other in its ways. Every archetype has a set of its distinctive characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. 

You may find out what your unique archetype is by taking the individualogist archetype questionnaire, which will offer you a better insight of who you are and what forces govern you and your life. This will assist you in providing greater purpose, clarity, and knowledge of oneself.

Having a deeper understanding of yourself will always work in your favour. You can use that knowledge to your utmost advantage and gain success in almost every aspect of life. Whether it is personal or professional, youā€™ll be able to use that knowledge to reach great heights in life. 

As it is rightly said by one of the greatest men of all times, Aristotle, ā€œknowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.ā€ 

A person who knows himself/herself completely and is aware of their shortcomings are the most difficult to defeat. Self-awareness gives you confidence, keeps the spirits high and you can achieve an abundant life!Ā 

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What you need to know before buying?

The entire system of assessing your personality is based on a five (five) step process.

Here is a glimpse of how it works.

1. Decide what you really want

2. Take on any endeavor

3. Set goals

4. Do the groundwork

5. Reap the rewards Individualogist helps you to reach out for your personal freedom.

How can you set a goal if you don’t know what you really want? And how can you measure whether you are on the right track or not? How can you measure whether you are going in the right direction or not? For that, you need to know who you are and how much the system knows about you. With Individualogist, you’ll know exactly what you want. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Your goals? Your passion? Things that you absolutely hate to do What are your different personality traits?

Pros and Cons of Individualogist

Pros and Cons of Individualogist reviews


  • One of the most important benefits of using this guide said in the archetype individualogist reviews is its simplicity to understand and effective.
  • It is available with step-by-step instructions for easy understanding of your problems and its solutions.
  • The concept used herein can be easily applied to day-to-day life without any problems.
  • It is a very user-friendly guide and everyone can understand it irrespective of your age.
  • The details are accurate and personalized, so you can connect to it easily.
  • It comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee that helps in complete satisfaction of the product.


  • The guide is only available online. And hence, you cannot access it without an internet connection.
  • You need to understand and apply the solutions provided for it to work effectively.

What is Inside the Individualogist Deluxe Archetype ReportĀ 

When you visit their official Individualogist website, you will receive a free general assessment on your archetype as well as a basic knowledge of yourself as a person. However, this is only the top layer; to obtain an in-depth analysis of your flaws, strengths, and answers to your problems, you must get the premium Individualogist archetype test report. Here is a list of all the reports you will receive as part of your premium package:

  • Personalized Premium Archetypal Analysis

This part will include archetypal integration of all five phases i.e. Individuation Fundamentals Report, Archetypal Incarnations Report, Archetypal Profile Report, Archetypal Odyssey Report, and Archetypal Exercise Guide. All these reports will be personalized according to your archetype.

  • Dream Analysis Guide

This guide will help you reveal the inner voice in you by becoming a master of intuition. Your dreams are said to be a reflection of your subconscious mind, and by decrypting those, you will be able to find your complex plans of mind.

  • Active Imagination Guide

This individualogist coupon code will help you in building the bridge between the unconscious and consciousness. It focuses on a certain type of meditation that will translate the meaning of your unconscious mind to understand images.

  • Exploring Your Birthdate with The Chinese Zodiac Report

Understand theĀ eastern zodiac systemĀ and its influence on your lifestyle. In Individualogist review, the Individualogist team stresses the importance of astrology in your life and how it impacts on your archetype. Depending on your birthdate, you shall receive an in-depth report of The Chinese Report.

  • Discovering Your Aura Guide

A breakdown of the complete personal aura and the secret insights in this unexplored realm. In this guide, you will be able to understand how your aura has an impact on your archetype and its influence in your way of life.

  • Feng Shui Paradigm Guide

This guide helps in maximizing the flow of external positive energy towards your inner self. It helps in leading to a prosperous lifestyle by attracting positive energies.

Final Verdict – Individualogist Review

To conclude my Individualogist review, I’d want to add that it absolutely worked for me, and there’s a good possibility it’ll work for you as well. What I loved best about it was the detailed and customised information. When it comes to Archetype, many websites provide reports about it, but they are usually extremely impartial and generic. This handbook, on the other hand, provides personal information about you and your archetypal, which is quite useful over time.

A 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 daysĀ of the order gives shoppers a considerable advantage. If the product does not help or does not please the user, a complete refund will be requested immediately.

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