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Here is my genuine TVShareMax reviews. TVShareMax is an innovative HD screen sharing gadget that transforms your phone’s content on to your TV screen.

Have you ever had a stiff neck after watching a movie on your mobile phone? Are you tired of watching your favorite web series on the small screen? Are you missing the cinema experience? If so, this is just the device for you.

TVShareMax Review: Transform Your Ordinary TV Into A Smart TV

Staring at your mobile screen with your head drooped over for hours together can be a massive strain on both your eyes and your neck. You cannot even watch a video as you lay in bed at night just because your eyes seem to get teary involuntarily. An activity as simple as watching a movie that is supposed to help you relax can instead lead you to the doctor.

TVShareMax offers a solution by converting your TV screen into your phone’s screen. What’s more? It does so while converting your ordinary TV into a Smart TV. So if you are someone who wants to own a Smart TV but can’t afford one, or just simply don’t want to spend that kind of dough on a TV, TVShareMax is the solution for you too.

TVshareMax Reviews
Product Tittle TVShareMax
Main Benefits Offers a solution by converting your TV screen into your phone’s screen
Specification Most user-friendly screen sharing device
Category Tech
Price $59 (Check for Discount)
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

What TVShareMax?

Now, if you’re not that tech-savvy, you must be wondering, just what exactly TVShareMax is. How can a device even convert your ordinary TV into a Smart TV? Is this even real?

As magical as it sounds, this ingenious device can really transform your ordinary TV into a Smart TV within a matter of minutes. All you need is a smartphone (or tablet/laptop) and a working Wi-Fi connection.

TVShareMax is a screen sharing device that will upgrade your ordinary TV into a Smart TV. In other words, it converts your TV screen into your phone’s screen. This portable gadget uses HD mirroring to share your phone screen to your TV in true HD quality. It effectively turns your smartphone into a remote control and your TV into your smartphone screen.

So whatever can be done on your phone, can now be done on your TV screen – you can watch your favorite movies on Netflix, appreciate the beauty of the photographs you took on your last holiday, scroll through social media, face time with your friends and much more.

How does TVShareMax upgrade your TV?

TVShareMax is the most user-friendly screen sharing device available on the market today. All you need is working Wi-Fi and an ordinary TV, to transform your living room into your own personal cinema.

What are the features of TVShareMax?

That’s right, TVShareMax is compatible with ANY TV. It can turn any TV into a smart TV as it comes with both HDMI and AVI ports. So, even if your TV is dated, you can still enjoy all the benefits a Smart TV owner enjoys and much more without spending a quarter of the money.

Yes, despite all these it is quite easy to set up. You don’t have wires or instruction manuals to worry about. All you have to do is plug TVShareMax into your TV, connect with your Wi-Fi, and sit back and enjoy! Easy, right?

If you’re old and thinking these modern devices are not for you, let me tell you why should think otherwise. TVShareMax is incredibly user-friendly and can be easily accessed by both young and old. It works right out of the box and can be set up in no time. Once set up all you have to do is follow the simple instructions that appear on the screen to connect with your Wi-Fi.

  • Crystal clear audio and video

Are you going to get a zoomed and grainy version of your smartphone on your TV screen? I can assure you, you’re not. Unlike other screencast devices, TVShareMax offers HD quality videos which you can enjoy on a full screen and crystal clear audio to enhance the experience.

If a device can do so much, you’re probably thinking it is a bulky gadget that is going to take up a lot of space in your living room. Well, believe it or not, TVShareMax can easily fit into the back pocket of your jeans. It is incredibly small and lightweight and be carried around anywhere.

TVshareMax Review

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What are the Benefits of owning a TVShareMax?

✅ Save Money

Why waste your money on an incredibly expensive Smart TV in addition to spending a fortune on your smartphone when you can have both for the price of one?  TVShareMax offers you the best value for your money.

✅ Carry your smart TV wherever you go

Besides making your TV a Smart TV, you can carry TVShareMax anywhere you want and make any TV a Smart TV, be it in a hotel room or your friend’s house.

✅ Instant Streaming

With TVShareMax, you don’t have to wait a long time to stream from your phone onto your TV screen. It works straight out of the box and you can begin streaming with just a few clicks.

✅ Stay healthy

Instead of straining your eyes and next to watch a movie or play a game, TVShareMax makes life easier by increasing the distance between the screen and your eyes and allowing you to lay back and relax your neck on the couch while you play your favorite game.

Some Technical Facts about TVShareMax

As I’ve already mentioned before in this TVShareMax review, TVShareMax comes with HDMI and AV output, which helps it to connect to any TV, even if it is quite dated. Now, some technical information for the incredible tech-savvy:

·        1080p Full-HD playback

·        HDMI output with 50% faster-processing speed

·        H.265 decoding

·        Plug and play

·        Cast Modes: AirMirror, AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, cross-system mirroring, and streaming on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, HBO, YouTube, Chrome, etc.

·        Compatible with: Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+/Mac OS 10+

Unique specifications of TVShareMax

Unlike other streaming tools available I the market today, TVShareMax is compatible with both android and iOS platforms which means, you can use it on all models of your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even PCs. Also, it is incredibly portable and can be accessed anywhere.

You can also use myriad streaming services like Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and any other streaming service you’ve subscribed to. There is virtually no limit to the services you can access, unlike a Smart TV which offers you a few handfuls.

TVShareMax is also quite affordable. You won’t have to spend a fortune to access the wide range of specifications that this ingenious gadget offers.

TVshareMax full screen

How much does TVShareMax Cost?

TVShareMax comes at an affordable price of $118. But now, you can spend just $59 and get your own TVShareMax at a 50% discount and free shipping worldwide.

Where can you get it?

The only place to buy TVShareMax from anywhere in the world is the official website of the product.

Beware that the internet has seen a surge in counterfeit websites selling fake products to unsuspecting customers. The official website is the only place to buy a TVShareMax. So, be the wise customer and Click here to go to the official website and get your own TVShareMax.

Why you need TVShareMax?

TVShareMax is the most affordable streaming tool in the market today. It is a unique gadget that can change your living room into a home cinema without throwing hundreds of dollars away on a Smart TV. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new Smart TV, this incredibly small device can give you the same experience on a much smaller budget.

TVshareMax features

TVShareMax Review – Final Verdict

If you want to save money and still transform your living room into a fully-functional home cinema, I would highly recommend trying TVShareMax.

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