Shambala Secret Review – What Happened To Me After 9 Days?

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Shambala Secret says that you can manifest the lives of your dreams when you hear this 22min audio every night for at least 9 consecutive days. , but is that happening really?

That is what I’m going to reveal for nine straight days in this shambala secret study based on my experiences and findings.

But first…

What is Shambala Secret Program?

Shambala Secret Program

It is an audio programme that contributes to a spot named Shambala in the subconscious conduct.

Shambala is a location of peace, wealth and tranquillity in Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

And this programme, by listening to this 22min recording for 9 consecutive days, encourages you to create this area around you.

Not just that… The Shambala Secret program also helps you in understanding and applying these 3-truths or principles.

Truth #1 – Your Attention Creates Your Reality.

Truth #2 – The Negativity Vortex.

Truth #3 – It’s your subconscious that “conducts”
your attention.

All it takes is listening to a simple audio track that reaches right into where your Subconscious Conductor lives. This audio track speaks the Conductor’s language.

It may sound weird but this uses the power of sound to change your Subconscious conductor.

Now you must be wondering who created this program and how?

Creator of Shambala Secret Program?

David Chandler is the founder of Shambala Secret.

With the use of information from Aria, David Chandler constructed this application (the lady he found while sitting in a cafeteria in Antarctica full storey in this video).

As discussed previously, Aria gave David information regarding these 3 realities, giving him also the 22min audio track Shambala and urged him to just listen to the audio every day for nine days. He can forget the audio and he can forget to meet her if nothing changes in his life.

David kept his skepticism aside and decided to listen to that audio track but nothing changed for the next few days but something drastically changed on the fifth day here’s how he describes the change…

“It was like the lights coming on in a theater after a horror movie ends. I could tell the Conductor was orchestrating a completely new soundtrack to my life. I was feeling a powerful flow of new, positive energy into my body”

He further went on and said

“Even more, I finally felt CONNECTED to a life I WANTED

After seeing the change in his own life, David went on to do his research and found a lot of exciting information about the sound and subconscious conductor which is shared below.


How The Shambala Secret Program Works?

This is the only program focused on the reprogramming of the Subconscious Driver within you…

So, by shifting your focus, you may change your life.

So, Aria gave it to him in Antarctica, first took David’s audio. He saw the important component of singing, giggles and bells… Like many old traditions of meditation.

He so decided to see why it was.

He found out that only recently science has verified that certain sound waves can affect and control the subconscious.

He also found that some music types paired with wave audio tones of “Gamma” might truly direct the subconscious mind.

The appropriate blend of sound tones can retrain your focus in essence. Gamma wave audio tones.

It directs your attention and shifts your focus when your brain operates in the GAMMA brainwave frequency.

This is the brainwave state in other words that speaks to your conductor directly and retrains him by focusing his attention on what you desire.

Remember – it’s your attention that actually creates your reality. But that’s not all. Gamma waves are also associated with “binding your senses” together as one.

By focusing your attention on infinite possibility… At the same time your senses are bonding…Makes the brain think that you’re already experiencing the life you want…

Making it the most “natural” thing in the world to keep recreating it…Instead of continuously recreating the life of scarcity you don’t want.

In addition to the guided meditation and gamma brainwaves, David Chandler added two new enhancements, making it even more powerful.

Audios are recorded in a 3-Dimensional soundscape.

3-Dimensional sound helps stimulate new neural pathways inside the brain.

In other words, it helps give your brain the avenues it needs to continually recreate itself.

If you’re going to continually experience a new reality, your brain needs new neural pathways.

The next enhancement is the use of subconscious messaging…

Which, according to some neuroscientists, is 500,000 times more powerful than “conscious messaging.”

The Shambala Secret is so powerful, yet quick and simple to use… hence I have arranged a FREE audio track called The Golden Journey by David Chandler himself just for you to try and see its power.

Will The Shambala Secret Program Work For You?

Yes and No.

As you may know that your subconscious mind doesn’t understand good or wrong and your Gamma waves driver is targeted by this programme so that if you have a negative goal, you will get a bad result if you want to do a positive job.

So the product depends on you alone to work and not work.

You have to perform the task of listening to the audio tracks for 9 days at least straight in order to produce good outcomes with the programme. You are always covered by 365 days without any money back guarantees if you believe it is not functioning for you.

All I will say is if there is nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain if successful by all means try.

Whats Inside Shambala Secret Program?

The first thing that you will get with the Shambala Secret audio track that you have to listen to for 22 min every night for 9 days.

If you happen to buy the Shambala Secret Program here then you will also get bonuses worth $131 for FREE.


  1. The first bonus is called “The Healing Wind” and its retail value is $37.
  2. The second bonus is called “The Sleeping Ocean”. It’s valued at $57.
  3. The thirds bonus is called “The Golden Sunrise” and its retail value is $37.

David mentioned, Aria and he will donate a portion of your purchase to a non-profit called Hungry for Music.

That means you are not just helping yourself with the purchase of Shambala Secret but you are also helping the needy.

Get the Shambala Secret Now and Support a Great Cause

The Shambala Secret Pros

  1. Easy to use – If you can sleep you can use it
  2. Powerful audio tracks – Some users may see results instantly
  3. If you can sleep you can use the Shambala Secret Program
  4. 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Comes with FREE bonuses worth $131

The Shambala Secret Cons

  • Available only on the official website
  • May NOT work for everyone (as everyone will NOT make it work)

If you understand the Shambala Secret is no way replacement to work or efforts to achieve a particular goal then you should go ahead and try it as it will only help you in Subconscious conductor it will not do the work for you.

Conclusion: Based on My Results and Experiences

I’ve been on Shambala Secrets for 9 days, as the programme suggests, to see what’s going on with me.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but I woke up more confidenter and calmer after my first hearing.

My vision became clearer for all my long-term and short-term objectives. I felt a lot more assured.

I noticed after 9 days I’ve been far more positive than I’ve ever been before, and it all looks possible for me.

I shall continue to update the review based on my findings, but I shall rating the results I have by 9.5/10.

You can get results like this too but you need to follow the program according to the guidance they give you.

As it comes with 365-days money-back guarantee your purchase is Risk-FREE for a year so you have enough time to try and test the product for yourself.

Hence, I will recommend you give it a try as there is nothing to lose by trying.

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