Today’s Affirmation “Intuition Energy” On Jan 09, 2021

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Hi Everyone, its Kevin here

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The Intuition Energy Center is the 6th BioEnergy Center and being the 6th day of the week (Sudnay), it is the best time to heal & focus on your Intuition Energy Center today.

The affirmation that I picked for your Intuition Energy Center (Third Eye Chakra) today is:

Your intuition, your sense of instinct, and your perceptions originate from your Intuition Energy Center, otherwise called the Third Eye Chakra, located in the center of your forehead.

When the Third eye Chakra is balanced, you experience a sense of deep confidence in your inner vision – who you are, where you’re going, and where you want to be.

You enjoy a heightened sense of awareness and can see beneath the surface of actions and behaviors.

You know when something feels right or wrong. In other words, you experience a sense of balance between your body, your intellect, and your spirituality.

A blocked or wounded Intuition Energy Center hampers your ability to ‘see’ your spiritual sense of self.

You find yourself mistrusting your own instincts and judgments.

You only believe what you can see, touch, or feel.

Because of this lack of balance and trust within yourself, you live in an uncertain or fearful state.

Your Action Step For Today:

Spend a few minutes today getting in touch with yourself and your Third Eye Chakra.

Sit in a dark, quiet place, such as a closet or a closed room with all the lights off.

Close your eyes.

Imagine a purple energy source about the size of a pea hovering inside your forehead.

It’s warm and glowing with rhythmic pulses of light and power.

Slowly, that energy source grows brighter and stronger.

It moves outward from your forehead and hovers in front of your face, now the size of a ping-pong ball, pulsing with strength and energy that comes from inside you.

That sparkling energy defines your instinct, alive and strong.

Pull that energy source back inside your forehead once more and allow it to settle.

This is your authentic self, one that allows balance in your life.

Trust your intuition.

It will guide and nourish you as you move forward.

Your Affirmation For Today:
Repeat this affirmation 7 times today when you have some uninterrupted minutes to yourself:

“I live alignment with my authentic self”.

With all my love,
Kevin Martinz

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