Your Monday Affirmation – Intuition Energy On Dec 28, 2020

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Hi Everyone, it's Kevin here.

The affirmation that I picked for your Intuition Energy Center (Third Eye Chakra) today is:

Your sense of imagination, or your ability to ‘see’ things beyond the physical, is the manifestation of the power of the Third Eye Chakra, located in the middle of your forehead.

This energy source is also called the Intuition Energy Center.

This power supports awareness of your surroundings and your trust in your ability to navigate through your life.

When this chakra is healthy and open, you’ll find that your instincts are strong.

You’re able to imagine or ‘perceive’ the result of certain decisions.

You trust yourself and know more than you can see with your eyes or touch with your hand.

Your sixth sense guides you toward manifestation of higher realms of understanding in your life.

When closed off, you might find it difficult to tap into your imagination or spirituality.

You doubt what you can’t see or touch.

You ignore your own intuition, and therefore hesitate to make decisions or choices.

Your Action Step For Today:

Today, work with your Third Eye Chakra.

Doing so will restore your sense of insight and clarity.

Several times throughout your day, surround your Intuition Energy Center with light.

If the sun is shining today, go outside and find a comfortable place to relax.

If not, sit near a lamp inside.

With your eyes closed, turn your face toward the sun or the lamplight.

Purge as many thoughts as you can from your mind and focus on the feel of warmth on your forehead.

Envision the warmth enveloping your Third Eye, soothing and comforting it.

Think about what you feel inside when the warmth surrounds you.

Comfortable? At peace?

Let go of ‘busy’ or negative thoughts to bring a sense of restoration to this energy source, allowing it to heal and shine bright again.

As it heals, your sense of imagination and your connection to the power of your own inner self will grow more powerful.

Your Affirmation For Today:
Repeat this affirmation 7 times today when you have some uninterrupted minutes to yourself:

"My imagination is vivid and powerful"

With all my love,

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