Your Tuesday Affirmation – Foundation Energy On Dec 28, 2020

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Hey everyone. its Kevin here.

The affirmation that I picked for your Foundation Energy Center (Root Chakra) today is:

today's affirmation

The Root Chakra, or Foundation Energy Center, is your figurative anchor to your idea of safety and security.

Much like the roots of a mighty oak tree, your roots also provide you with support, nourishment, and shelter.

Your sense of survival is found in the energy source of the Root Chakra.

When your foundation or roots are strong and firmly anchored, you feel a sense of stability in and with your life.

You’re able to withstand challenges and weather storms.

You feel strong and capable to take care of your needs and those of your loved ones.

Your sense of self-confidence is strong, as is your trust in yourself.

If the Root Chakra is blocked, you might feel doubts – about your ability to sustain yourself or your family.

You may feel a lack of stability in your life, perhaps even disconnected from everything around you, especially your loved ones and friends.

You experience feelings of insecurity and doubt and fear the unknown.

Your Action Step For Today:

Today, reconnect with Mother Earth, from which all things grow.

Your Root Chakra also connects you to the support of Mother Earth - and your family and friends - throughout your life.

For a few minutes today, get dirty! If you can, take off your shoes and walk on some dirt, sand, or grass – on Mother Earth.

Feel her caressing the soles of your feet and squeezing between your toes.

While you stand in place or stroll, focus on the nourishment that the ground provides for all living things: trees, plants, grass, and shelter for the rabbits, squirrels and other living creatures – including yourself.

You walk upon the foundation of Mother Earth, and so too does your bodily home – your physical body.

Your feet touch the ground every day.

You are supported not only by those around you, but by Mother Earth herself – today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Your Affirmation For Today:

Repeat this affirmation 7 times today when you have some uninterrupted minutes to yourself:

"I am supported by those around me"

With all my love,

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